Why Aquaponics?

There are 4 primary reasons why Aquaponics, and specifically the HPA approach, is such a game changer:
1. It enables you to grow your own natural food (not a factory farm) while using less than 10% of the water that you would use in other systems since it is a recirculating system that self irrigates;
2. It involves and uses NO synthetic or inorganic chemicals – not for fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. It is a natural system;
3. It has no negative impact on the environment, is not labour intensive since there are no weeds and does not cost as much as alternative approaches to run or maintain.
4. Our unique HPA approach is a Modular approach that reduces the RISK and the barriers to entry – of CAPEX, running cost, expertise and maintenance – and so enables every entrepreneur to get into Aquaponics.

Aquaponics is not a fad.

Aquaponics is different from Hydroponics in the following ways:
a. It is a completely natural and organic system that uses NO inorganic chemicals for fertilizer or nutrients. It produces healthy, nutrient dense, natural food. (Hydroponics uses ONLY inorganic, synthetic chemical solutions to feed the plants, and so the produce is high in chemical load – not very healthy at all!)
b. Aquaponics is a RECIRCULATING system, where the same water is used over and over again to produce multiple, chemical free crops,with the water being filtered and cleaned naturally. Hydroponics doses the water with inorganic chemicals and the plants take out what they want, leaving behind what they don’t. The remaining water must be removed from the system and is normally dumped into the environment, or down the drain, meaning that more water must be pumped again. This infers expense. So Hydroponics is nowhere near as water-smart or efficient as Aquaponics.
c. As a result of b. (above) Hydroponics poses a serious threat to the environment; large hydroponics systems must treat their waste water at great cost, before dumping it, and require an Environmental Impact Assessment, and ad-hoc inspections to ensure that they are not cheating.
d. Aquaponics has the major advantage of producing natural plant products as well as amazing fish for food.
These are just some of the principal differences, and there are many more.
But armed with just these reasons, we have enough motivation to move to a natural food production technology that does not cost much to set up or run,while giving us chemical free food with ease.
Aquaponics is not a fad. It is the most powerful food production technology known to man, and it harnesses the processes of nature to generate food in an optimized environment.
Having said that, nature is highly complex and all biological systems need to be thoroughly understood in order to get the most out of them. We at HPA do NOT advocate large commercial, single source Aquaponics systems. They are just too complex and difficult to manage at a biological and nutrient level. Instead we advise the use of smaller, optimised, proven systems that can be multiplied to achieve commercial scale. This approach reduces the risk inherent in Biological systems and enables a whole host of other benefits.

We are leveraging the power inherent in this innovative food production system and taking it several levels further by reducing the risk of failure and improving the ease of use.
Practical Aquaponics.
That is what sets us apart from the rest.

Healthy, nutrient dense, natural food that contains no chemicals. Within all of our reach!

We invite you to be a part of the Pure food revolution.

Grow your own. And if you can’t, then support someone who grows healthy food. Your health is worth the investment.