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Aquaponics is taking the world by storm! Our aim is to give you appropriate training and systems to grow your own organic, wholesome and nutritious fish and vegetables and herbs throughout the year!

Practical Aquaponics exists to empower and educate you practically, by reducing the barriers to entry and maximising return through our tried and tested aquaponics systems. Whether you have commercial aspirations or are a small to medium sized hobbyist, we can help you through providing the best training, appropriate to South African conditions, providing comprehensive training manuals, appropriate components, proven kits of various sizes, custom system designs, consultancy and even installations.


Become skilled in aquaponics

Our courses and community are geared to eliminating non-productive or experimental Aquaponics, because we have spent the last 8 years doing trials to showcase and prove an appropriate approach to system design. Also that we have an active forum of local and international participants who add value to our clients.

Our Mission Statement

To inspire a healthy, ethical, self-sustainable life-style by encouraging and empowering people to grow their own wholesome food.
We aim to understand the needs of our clients, create value and make a difference.

Empowering people to grow their own wholesome food with proven aquaponics systems
Healthy Living - grow your own high quality produce with an aquaponics system

Healthy Living

With the ever increasing demands our modern lifestyles place on our bodies, there has never been a more important time than now to consider the quality and growth process of the food we consume.

Healthy Recipes

With all the fresh organic produce you’ve harvested, it’s time to get into the kitchen and whip up some delicious, healthy and flavourful meals!

Healthy recipes to use for the product you've grown with your aquaponics system


About Us

Homegrown Practical Aquaponics offers in-depth, hands-on, intensive training on all aspects of Aquaponics in SA. System kits, components and accessories. Empowering you to be more healthy.

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Homegrown Practical Aquaponics offers both components as well a full systems. We also supply the necessary feeds and materials to keep your aquaponics system running optimally.


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