EnLe2.1 Basic 220V 120W Aquaponic System

Ideal for both domestic food production for small families and the hobbyist alike.

Contact us directly to get an Interactive Cost Estimator that enables you to choose the components that you require, and a price that matches your budget.


The Practical Aquaponics 2 media bed system comes standard with 1 Raft tank and a sump tank. It is ideal for both the home user and the hobbyist alike. It’s small footprint fits in perfectly with urban living and despite it’s small size, produces a startling amount of fresh, healthy, chemical free produce.

All of our systems are designed with very low energy requirements and are therefore ideal for solar applications. The 2 Bed system can be extended to include Towers and Raft Systems.
Please contact us to find out more about using these systems off grid or adding system components.

Includes: 2 Media beds, 1000l fish tank, pumps, bell siphons, plumbing and media bed support.

Note: Please note that these systems are built on demand and take approximately 10 days to build before shipping.


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