Practical Aquaponics - Blog - Learn about the ins and outs and best practises of aquaponics.


Welcome to the Practical Aquaponics blog. Learn about the ins and outs and best practises of aquaponics.

Aquaponics or Hydroponics?

Our Practical Aquaponics systems are proven over 8 years of experience, trial and research under South African conditions.
We believe in the power of One! And when one is successful and is multiplied, it becomes an army that can change the way the world does food.

What it’s all about

What it’s all about

Aquaponics. The word has a certain mystery to it. I find myself often needing to explain the term to those who peer at my logo or stop for a chat in the hardware or health section of our specialty food store. Aquaponics is actually all about you. It's about your...

HPA Vertical System

HPA Vertical System

For the last 13 months or so we have been trialling this compact, vertical Aquaponics system for home and Hobby users in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This is a bit of feedback on the system performance and issues we have encountered so far.


Become skilled in aquaponics

Our courses and community are geared to eliminating non-productive or experimental Aquaponics, because we have spent the last 9 years doing trials to showcase and prove an appropriate approach to system design. Also that we have an active forum of local and international participants who add value to our clients.


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